One of the first in the province of Quebec, the Cep d’Argent vineyard offers an effervescent experience like nowhere else the country. Its refined wines are praised by sommeliers and the media for their quality.

The 114-acres land where over 60 000 individual vines grow offers an exceptional view on Lake Magog. Besides the sparkling wines which have made the vineyard a household name, the Cep d’Argent also offers a selection of red, white, rosé, fortified and sweet wines.



On Trip Advisor

« Found a gem »

by Kyle Roberts

I had the most amazing time at this vineyard, I stumbled upon this venue on a road trip with some friends. The wine was delicious, and the staff was quite knowledgeable in both English and French.

We had a personalized museum tour, and even got to try the Vendanges tardives which is well worth the price. All the wine is very affordable which explains why we left with as much as we did.

They were able to convert a friend of mine who did not like wine before to a Cep D'argent only wine drinker, I definitely recommend visiting the winery if you're anywhere near Magog. It's well worth the trip!

« Cep d'Argent gets the Gold !!! »

by Glen L.

How often can you go somewhere and drink alcohol for free? Ok now, how often is that somewhere a business that offers to have you taste 4 or 5 different wines?

The personal touch of the wine maker explaining in what order to drink it in, what temperature, and with what food simply was awesome!!

« Wonderful personalised experience!!! »

by Silvia M.

My husband and I spent the weekend in the Eastern Townships and decided to go wine tasting! We met with one of the owners, Francois Scieur and had a chance to taste all of their wines. Francois was very friendly and provided us with the history of his winery.

We bought 2 cases of wine and recommend everyone go there if visiting the region. We had a wonderful experience!